Job Opportunities for Mandarin Language Speakers
January 7, 2023

There are many companies looking for Mandarin language speakers. Based on your qualifications and experience, companies, governments and international agencies such as the United Nations and World Trade Organisation are looking for Mandarin language speakers. Job opportunities are available for applicants within the country and abroad and usually offer a much higher salary as good Mandarin language speakers are in high demand.

If you are planning to work abroad or would like to relocate, adding Mandarin to your resume would definitely make you a stronger candidate. Spicing up your CV with multiple language skills sets you apart and makes you an easy hire at industries worldwide and multinational companies. Make sure you complete the HSK exam, an international certification for Mandarin before applying abroad. This exam will prove your Mandarin language ability on an international level. Inchin Closer can help you train for and give the HSK exam for all levels.

Inchin Closer, besides training you and helping you to apply for the HSK exams, also assists with corporate recruitments. We are in regular contact with companies, recruiters and headhunters to help our students to find the right jobs. To look up the most recent jobs, visit our corporate recruitments page, where we post information and a suggested HSK level for each job. The service is currently free of cost and we don’t charge companies or applicants. All job hires are based on an applicants qualifications and abilities. Inchin Closer doesn’t guarantee any job placements to our students.

From Finance to Education, Tourism to Trade and International Relations to Engineering, knowing Mandarin can only help you reach a larger audience, earn more money and work on an international scale. While Mandarin can be applied to any profession, Inchin Closer outlines 9 jobs where Mandarin is in high demand.

If you are planning to work abroad or would like to relocate, adding Mandarin to your resume would definitely make you a stronger candidate. Inchin Closer outlines 9 jobs where Mandarin is in high demand.
If you are planning to work abroad or would like to relocate, adding Mandarin to your resume would definitely make you a stronger candidate. Inchin Closer outlines 9 jobs where Mandarin is in high demand.


Teaching Mandarin is the best testament to knowing the language well. Make sure you have atleast an HSK level 4 certificate before you start teaching. Inchin Closer has trained more than 15 professionals to teach Mandarin. Demand is high international schools around the world and there’s also an opportunity to start your own institute.


Theres no better job for someone who wants a time flexible, stay at home job that pays well. Translating documents from your native language to Mandarin is an easy job that’s highly lucrative. Build up a rooster of reliable, regular clientele and you will make yourself a fortune.


If you’re the outgoing type who like to talk and interact with new industries, businesses and travel to meet different companies, hone your skills in becoming a Mandarin interpreter. Interpreters speak during meetings to help two sides who don’t speak each others languages communicate effectively. They function as intermediaries that help both parties express themselves comprehensively and play an important part during early stage negotiations, business deals and also at government meetings.

Research Analyst

Companies looking to expand abroad, consultants advising conglomerates on new markets and strategies require smart employees who can speak and read in Mandarin. Their skills become important as they need to uncover new supply chains, discover new clients and help establish new lines of credit. Speaking and reading Mandarin language will be a huge asset to any company that requires these jobs filled.

Human Resources / Recruiter

Being able to speak with employees around the world, understand and hire candidates globally and ensure that teams in various geographies can communicate easily. Mandarin speakers are in high demand for companies that function with teams in different parts of the world as many of their employees tend to speak Mandarin as their first language. Communicating with employees in their first language puts many at ease, thats why Mandarin is much sought after in human resources.


National as well as international governments and organisations such as the United Nations and World Trade Organisation require Mandarin language speakers. They are in high demand to research China, communicate effectively with her and plan policies and programs after understanding her history and culture. Diplomacy requires a comprehensive knowledge of China, and language stands at the very crux of it. Mandarin language speakers of all levels are required at various departments in the government.


An integral skill for anyone interested in enrolling for the army. Mandarin helps keep a sharp eye on China, understand and intercept her communication and read documents. It also helps to break the ice when communicating with the Chinese army and aids to smoothen communication during times of strife. Whether you have a desk (strategic) job or one on the field, knowing Mandarin in the army is a very valuable skill.

Global Supply Coordinator

Most countries hold China in their top 3 list of importers. Chinese products have infiltrated most of our supermarket shelves and are a big part during gifting in our festivities. Finding the right suppliers, striking a deal and negotiating prices for a long term stable relationship are vital for a business that wants to expand. With India’s trade with China crossing the US$100 million mark recently, the growth potential for discovering and growing new supply chains makes knowing Mandarin an integral part of any importers business.


Understanding the language, being able to digest local content in its original Mandarin language and knowing the culture, help journalists to represent China in a more authentic and realistic way to the rest of the world. As we move away from desktop journalism and parroting the west, journalists need to write original content, only knowing the language and people, experiencing the culture will help media outlets create content about China better.


In conclusion, Mandarin is a skill set which can be applied to any profession and all industries. Regardless of your age, profile or educational background, learning Mandarin will enhance your bouquet of skills and make you more employable to companies. Recruiters, university admissions staff and multinational companies are constantly looking for people with diversity, knowing Mandarin can be that extra feather in your cap which will help you bag your dream job.

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